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Your Education Scholarships


Your Education offers various scholarships throughout the year so keep an eye on the website!

Rotary and Lions Club Grants


Visit your local Rotary or Lions Club branch as they often have monetary grants to give to students that show potential and commitment like you. Sometimes there are restrictions as to who can apply for these awards but you’ll never know unless you try!

AMP Scholarship


This scholarship has pretty much no limits and is aimed at Kiwi kids like you who show passion and commitment for doing ‘your thing’. Hop online and check out their website to see what kind of scholarship would best suit you!

Maori Affiliations


If you have Maori ancestry there may well be grants or scholarships that you are eligible to apply for. Check with your tribe, hapu or iwi to see if there is anything available, or if not, it is still worth approaching them with a proposal for them to contribute towards your exchange. The Maori Education Trust also sometimes has scholarships available. For more information go to the website

Local business sponsorship


If you’re feeling really brave, approach several businesses in your area and let them know about your exchange goals and how you would benefit from their sponsorship. Perhaps you could start with the businesses where your parents work, or even your employer if you have a part-time job? You may be asked to do some work for them in return for their support but it will all work in your favour.
You will need to ring and ask for a letter from us as prove that you have been accepted for an exchange.


Other sponsorship


There are many other community scholarships and grants available for motivated students who are willing to go out there and look for them!


Check out the Funding Information Service website,, which can be accessed from public libraries and some schools. You just need to enter your criteria and see if there is a scholarship to match.     



Sign up to this fundraising site and let your family and friends all around the country and world support your fundraising efforts. Another popular way to fundraise online is by starting a Give A Little page at



Food Stalls


Stalls are a great way to make some extra cash. These can be set up anywhere where there is a lot of foot traffic.


Some ideal locations include:

  • Local markets 

  • School lunch breaks 

  • Outside your local Warehouse, Shopping Mall or supermarket (make sure you ask 
permission first) 

  • Weekend sports events 

  • In a busy park 

  • Near the beach 


There are heaps of things you can sell at these stalls, but the secret to success is to keep it simple! Here are a few ideas to get you started: 


Sausage Sizzle 


These are always popular- just the smell of sizzling sausages will have people coming from all directions. The Mad Butcher offers 100 sausages for $20, give them a call if you’re interested in doing this. Here’s a website with the list of numbers and mad butcher locations in New Zealand 


Cadbury Chocolate Fundraiser


Everyone loves chocolate right? So get your friends to help you fundraise by targeting their taste buds. A box of 24 Dairy Milk or Caramello bars will cost you $36 to buy ($1.50 per bar). Selling each bar at 2.50 will give you a profit of $24, and you will barely need to lift a finger!


Cadbury have also introduced other variety boxes that you can sell. These boxes can be purchased from or you can visit the Cadbury site directly to see what other chocolates you can sell


The Village Press


This Hawkes Bay olive oil company allows you to sell their products as a fundraiser and take a share of the profit. They come in lovely gift boxes so are ideal as corporate or personal gifts. Check out their website or contact Maureen on


Local Produce


Think about what your local area has in abundance. It might be feijoas, oranges, or maybe a local orchard will be willing to donate fruit or vegetables that are not quite up to supermarket standards. You can sell these in small bags and the profits will be yours.


Food, food, food


Homemade food is always popular and you can definitely make a profit with a few simple recipes. You could make fudge, toffee, cakes, biscuits, jams, pickles...the list goes on! Sell them at school, or even get your parents to take them in to work and sell them to their colleagues on your behalf.  


Odd Jobs/ Slave Auction


There are plenty of odd jobs that need doing in the community that people would be willing to pay you for... but ASK- you won’t know if someone is interested otherwise. Tell your neighbours that you’re working to fundraise for your exchange and they’ll be
more than happy to help you! Here are a few suggestions:

  • Car washes 

  • Cleaning windows 

  • Gardening 

  • Babysitting 

  • Ironing 

  • General housework 

  • Farm chores 

  • Dog walking 

  • Tutoring 


Why not put some posters in local shop windows and on notice boards advertising your services. Before long your phone will be ringing off the hook with offers for odd jobs.


Host an Evening or Event 


Everyone enjoys a night out, so think of a theme for a party and charge an entry fee. Be creative 


  • Movie Night - Organise a movie night with your friends or see if your school could host it in the school hall. Get plenty of blankets and comfy couches and sell tickets to anyone who wants to come. Sell things like popcorn and lollies to add to the atmosphere. If 20 people come for $5 a ticket, that’s $100 automatically! 

  • Themed Evening 
You could host an evening at your house or in a community hall, with friends and family, using your host country as a theme. For example, if you’re hoping to go to France you could have French food and music and get everyone to dress in French outfits and berets. People would be happy for the chance to join in! Or if you’re going to America, organise a cowboy dance night with line dancing, straw hats and hamburgers. Whatever you do, make sure you have fun! Again, charge $5 or $10 for tickets and advertise it around your school and community. 

  • Cultural Performances 
Are you part of a kapa haka group? A musical band? A singing group? 
You could go around to various places (rest homes are a great place to go especially for singing and music groups) and perform to a crowd, asking for a gold coin 
donation. These have worked really well for students in the past. 


Be sponsored 


Enter an event yourself, such as a local fun run or bikeathon and collect sponsorship money. 


Get creative 

Channel your arty side and sell your own paintings and arts & crafts at a local market. You could make things such as birthday cards, mini sculptures, drawings or do face painting for kids! Let your creativity inspire you.


Maybe your school can help?


Mufti Day - Check with your school if they could host a mufti day for you. Maybe half or even all of the earnings will go towards paying for your exchange! It could be a themed mufti based on whichever country you decide to go to. See what your school has to say.  

Get a job


If you haven’t already, get a CV made. Keep an eye out for jobs advertised at your local supermarket, fast food places, cafes and shops. Even if you can’t see a job advertised, it pays to approach businesses and ask if they have anything going.


We know - getting a job is sometimes easier said that done. But remember, it doesn’t have to be glamorous, just keep thinking about that final outcome.

Garage Sale or Trademe Blitz


Organise a garage sale - clear out your wardrobe and get your friends and family to contribute all their unwanted items. Or else sell things you don’t want anymore on Trademe. And while you’re clearing out your old things, you’re conveniently making space for all the news things you’ll no doubt buy when you’re overseas on exchange!


Write about it


So it might not earn you the big bucks, but get a story in your local newspaper about what you are trying to achieve, advertise the events that you are hosting and try to raise local interest in what you are doing.




If you play an instrument, take to the streets and show off your talent. Or if you don’t want to go alone, you can take someone with you and share the overall profits.


As you can see, there are plenty of ideas to give you a kick-start to your fundraising efforts. Get as much support as you can from your family and friends and keep your mind on your exchange that’s waiting for you at the end. All your hard work will be worth it in the end!


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